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The Music Ministry of Sardis UMC is blessed to have a vast array of musicians. We have many vocalists who unselfishly volunteer their time each week to provide special music in the morning service. We have an elite group of musicians who share their talent each week by ministering through music as the church's music team. The group has even been called the "SARDIS HILLBILLIY BAND" one time. We are also blest to have not one, or even two, but three keyboardists who utilize the organ, piano, and keyboard in the sanctuary of the church. And, we are even more blest to have other instrumentation each Sunday as well. If you are interested in performing a special selection for a Sunday morning service, please contact  Mike Settlemyer.




Music Leader:

Wes Clubb



Sunday Instrumentalists:

 Mac Sibley -  Organist

Arthur Sweeney - Synthesizer

Mike Settlemyer - Bass

Wes Clubb - Guitar




  July 2020  
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